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Settled in the city of Tarragona are a group with a long history in the world of performing and visual creations. More than twenty five years support a style that created a school within the contemporary theater. Our links with cultural activity has not only been creating shows and actions, but we have dedicated our efforts to the research and dissemination.


The formation and experience of the different members of Zona Zàlata, groups and artists who support us , the desire to experience has made us grow as professionals in an environment where we could be classified as endangered species to be protected . Using the body as the backbone and the word as a link , we have been able to reconstruct different styles in the world of stage settings.


There are different styles and eras in the world of theater. Zona Zàlata analyzed, worked and developed many of them to get the current time with a new model that is called Comedia dell'Arte of XXI century , so it is not surprising that members of the company consider new characters comedia dell'Arte.


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