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Hic Habitat Felicitas: farce and pantomime


Closing show of Tarraco Viva Festival in 2012, the show is a party in a peristyle domus of a patrician family: Maximus Seritiolus invites to his home to celebrate that ludi historiacae Tarraco Viva have been a great success. To flatter his guests, it's offered a series of scenes in which music, dance, mime and pantomime stand as protagonists and articulate a show of Roman "varieties" with fun and joy to all attendees become infected.

Shows based on Plaute's text



La comedia de la olla

La comedia del fantasma


Rebuilding a escenae fronts: Linked to the work of theatrical staging a reconstruction of a frons escenae developed in attempt to better understand classical stage design

Priapic poetry


A show from the priapic texts, which enables us to immersion in a literature of indisputable literary power and a bold vision of sexual themes.

Popular theatre - Other shows


Zona Zàlata and "Aula de teatre de la URV (Universitat Rovira i Virgily)" , developed since 2001 a laboratory of classical theatre reconstrucion that can offer a number of shows supported on the theatrical tradition and great freshness and relevance, which enables enjoy a powerful physical theater based on stage, acting reconstruction, costumes and masks, full of color and visual power.


A dream come true, a way to enjoy the classic, a way of understanding the popular theater and its derivatives

In histrione veritas


This show is a work of historical reconstruction around the Roman theater and the laboratory is part of theater research in collaboration with the Festival Tarraco Viva. A tour of the most genuinely Roman popular genres (farce and pantomime Atel-na) through comedy is made. A company is asked to provide a show for the wedding of the daughter of the patrician maximus. This causes the discussion between members of the company about which show to offer: farce, pantomime, comedy?

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